Online National Seminar on Understanding Women and Gender Questions: An Interdisciplinary Approach on 15.06.2021

For a complete understanding of gender and questions pertaining to it, a thorough understanding of individual, social and psychological factors involved is essential. To explore and understand women and gender questions, it requires distinctive interdisciplinary engagement. Socio-cultural, economic, political and biological aspects impact the continuous image building of maleness and femaleness in the society. To understand these issues, UGC Centre for Women’s Studies, Mohanlal Sukhadia University is organizing an online national seminar on “Understanding Women and Gender Questions: An Interdisciplinary Approach”. The seminar will focus on various dimensions of the women and gender questions and will cover various sub-themes as mentioned. 1. Women and Literature 2. Education as a tool of gender empowerment 3. Impact of legal and structural framework in eliminating gender gaps 4. Gender, Economy and Development 5. Women Entrepreneurship 6. Impact of pandemic on women in labour market 7. Gender Questions from history 8. Decentralised Governance and Political participation of women 9. Geographical relevance in promoting gender equity: Local, National and International 10. Feminist Movement & Gender Questions 11. Sexual Minorities: A class or a group? 12. Women as Climate Agent 13. Importance of Language in Gender Questions Note: The above-mentioned sub-themes are only indicative, other relevant topics may also be considered. Full Seminar Video Link:
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