Field Visit - Mahila Thana & Amrita Haat

Field Visit to Mahila Thana & Amrita Haat: Celebration of National Constitution Day Name of the Event: National Constitution Day Date: 26th November 2022 Time: 11:30 AM to 03:00 PM Venue: Mahila Thana, Surajpol, Udaipur & Amrita Haat (Mela), Udaipur No. of participants: 27 Introduction: UGC Centre for Women's Studies, Mohanlal Sukhadia University, on the occasion of Constitutional Day (26.11.2022), organized field visit to Mahila Thana situated at Surajpol, Udaipur and Amrita Haat (Mela) in Udaipur. With full strength of enrolled students in subject Women’s Studies At UG Degree level along with teaching faculty of the centre visited Mahila Thana situated at Surajpol in udaipur District. Students visited Mahila Suraksha Kendra and counselling center in the Thana and explored all the facilities provided in Thana. Ms. Kulasha salvi, social counsellor and Mr. Tejkaran Singh Thana Prabhari Mahila Thana, explained processes and functions with the students and also shared some case studies. Students witnesses lock ups and learnt about role of Mahila Thana, domestic violence, types and nature of domestic violence against women, how to approach Mahila Thana and counselling center in such situations, toll-free number to reach police in distress, and good-Samritans and norms related to that. They were encouraged to help others if they witness any such things like accidents on roads. Students asked questions and cleared their doubts and some expressed that they were afraid of visiting police station. This was the first visit of Mahila Thana for all the students. Following that, part of curriculum pedagogy (graduation have to do project/ assignments for practical classes), students visited Amrita Haat (Mela), which is organised by Jila Prasashan, Mahila Sahbhagita, Mahila evan Bal Vikas Vibhag, Udaipur, from 24 to 30 November,2022. For practical projects, Students were divided into 5 groups to conduct interviews of women entrepreneurs who have their shops in the Mela. Students got an opportunity to have conversation with Shri Kuldeep Sharma, Secretary, District Legal Service Authority, Udaipur. Students learnt about the process which helps women from rural and urban areas to make their marks in the field of business and policies and schemes to make them finically empowered and independent. Mr. Sharma also shared how these Melas and Haats are the epicenter to communicate with public and spread awareness about the existing schemes and programs started by government. Dr. Garima Mishra, Assistant Professor, Dr. Shweta Dodeja and Ms. Supriya Ramani (guest faculty) of the Center supervised both the visits. Students also played games and bought items from the haat and completed the visit with refreshment with students. Students and faculty of the centre shared knowledge about Constitution of India and shared some interesting facts about process of making the Constitution. Centre is delighted to share that under the initiation of Rajasthan Government ‘No Bag Day’, it was decided that every Saturday, field visits and different assignments based on practical aspects on different themes will be organized. Students will be visiting different government and non-government departments/ agencies/ organizations, invite subject experts for interactive sessions/ extension lectures, survey, case studies and others. The report and videos made by students will be shared on social media (Instagram) platform (cws_mlsu_udaipur) of the centre. UGC Center for Women’s Studies continues its outreach program to aware and inform society by information dissemination. Some posters related to domestic violence, Sakhi One-Stop center, were shared with all the participants and University Circuits through social media like WhatsApp and Instagram page of Centre for Women’s Studies, MLS University. And requested to them that the posters may be shared on social media platforms like WhatsApp to take this initiative forward. Outcome: 1. The students had experiential exposure by visiting Mahila Thana and learnt about purpose, role and functions of Mahila Thana, Mahila Surksha Kendra and Counselling Centre. 2. Knowledge about some interesting facts about Constitution of India, in order to celebrate Constitution Day. 3. Learnt process of Self-Help Groups, Government agencies to encourage and empower women entrepreneurs from rural and tribal areas from Udaipur districts through interaction, conducting interviews with women entrepreneurs. 4. Learnt team building, teamwork and applied and practical aspects of theories taught and learnt in classrooms.
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